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"Vinyasa Yoga" by Gérard Arnaud

"Vinyasa Yoga" by Gérard Arnaud

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Gérard Arnaud is what you would call a teacher's teacher. He started his yoga journey 48 years ago, opened his first yoga studio at télégraphe in 1981 and currently runs the premier Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Paris certifying over 50 students a year.

Gérard's book "Vinyasa Yoga" has just been re-edited and is featured in the book corner at Yoga Concept.  We are excited to stock the only French guide book of this practice. We welcome you to join Gérard Arnaud at the Yoga Concept boutique on friday May 12th from 18h-19h30 for a book signing.

We had the opportunity to ask Gérard a few questions about Yoga in France today.

Yoga Concept (YC): Why did you decide to re-edite your book? 

Gérard Arnaud (GA): I changed editors. The new edition has better quality photos, no ommissions or mistakes and it costs 30% less than the first edition. 

YC: How has yoga evolved in France since the opening of your first studio in 1981?

GA:  Ouh  là là ! It has exploded since 2000. Today everyone can find a type of yoga that suits them. I think that is positive eventhough it makes the puristes quiver. In Paris in the 20th century one could say that yoga was in its initial stage, today it is everywhere. People are becomming interested in spirituality younger and younger, it is less of a tabou. Yoga, especially asana, is more mainstream and fun.

YC: Why did you choose Vinyasa yoga rather than Ashtanga or Iyengar for example?
GA:  I taught the Iyengar method for 7 years and the Asthanga method for 2 years.  I was inspired by these two methods to create a more creative Vinyasa practice with more sequencing variations and more freedom. A spirituality according to your personal beliefs, sectarian (atheiste, agnostic, chamanic or religious etc...). Vinyasa is continuously evolving. 
YC:  In your opinion, why do so many people want to become yoga teachers and what is your advice for aspiring instructors
GA:  In an absurd world yoga gives a sense of meaning to existence. My advice would be to cultivate humility, kindness and awareness. Teach seriously but don't take yourself seriously. 

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