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Loveasana the new spiritually inspired lifestyle brand by Pamela Levy

Loveasana the new spiritually inspired lifestyle brand by Pamela Levy

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The power of love

Loveasana, that is!

Words have power and the more we use those words, the more power they have. When people read our "Love Notes" they can integrate their meaning, giving power to the message raising the vibration of the collective consciousness.

love more more love

 Why "Loveasana"? Asana comes from the Sanskrit for posture and love is THE essential posture that gives life meaning. LOVEASANA is a new, Paris based, spiritually inspired lifestyle brand, dedicated to sharing the universal principles of Love, Unity and Harmony.

Drawing on my personal yoga practice which has been nourished by the wisdom of text and teachers, I now have my own voice, thoughts and impressions. Years of curating collections of yoga brands for Yoga Concept has given me experience and Yoga Concept is the perfect platform to share these ideas with the world.

As a creative soul with many ideas and absolutely no talent, I called on the vision and imagination of Sidonie Siliart to interpret my babble. Sidonie used her artistic prowess to take the age-old concepts form my list and design them with a modern twist, making Loveasana both accessible and fun.

 I Am You

The path is infinite and infinitely interesting. Together let's inspire, connect and play with the power of words (or LOVE, depending on the title you choose!)

-Loveasana Pamela


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