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Behind the brands with Nathalie Alsing Alauzen of Kingleggings

Behind the brands with Nathalie Alsing Alauzen of Kingleggings

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Yoga Concept loves when Yoga gives back. Kindleggings, the newest French brand is all about giving back. 50% of their profits go to supporting organisations that assist female entrepreneurs via microloans. We are happy to welcome Kindleggings to our multi-brand collection and pleased to introduce the founder Nathalie Alsing Alauzen.

Yoga Concept (YC): When did you start your yoga practice and what was your motivation ?

Nathalie Alauzen (NA):  I started practicing yoga 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my son Magnus. A discovery and awareness of the benefits of yoga on the mind and body. I explored a variety of different types of yoga before finding the style that suits me best. There are so many types (schools) of yoga to choose from!

YC: Has your yoga practice changed your life ?

NA: No, yoga hasn't really changed my life, but it has radically changed the way I react to stressful situations. In addition, through yoga, I have met some extraordinary people who have become dear friends. It is a nice community. 
YC: What was your last employment before becoming and entrpreneur ?
NA: My entire career was in ready to wear and most recently  in women's athletic wear. Before creating  Kindleggings, I was reponsible for 3 countries for the Canadian giant lululemon. My experience in this group was intense and enriching. I learned a great deal about management and about myself.   
YC: What sets Kindleggings apart from other brands?
NA: Kindleggings is an activewear brand with a social impact mission. We reinvest 50% of our profits in female entrepreneurial initiatives through microloans.  We work with which is the largest crowdfunding plateform with a social objective.  Several other projects are in the works. Thanks to Maricha Dumont, I recently discovered the association Yoga Gives Back.  
YC: What message do you want to convey through Kindleggings?
NA: Kind is the key!
We would like to promote positive values for women such as kindness towards themselves and others. 






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