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Behind the brands with Amandine of Ana Heart

Behind the brands with Amandine of Ana Heart

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The London based brand Ana Heart was launched just over one year ago and with well over 30k instagram followers it has already established itself amongst yogis and fashionistas alike.  We are so excited about our first collaboration and co-branding with Amandine/Ana Heart on the Harrison t-shirt “Yoga c’est ma came”. We caught up with Amandine and here is the story behind the brand.

Yoga Concept (YC): When did you launch Ana Heart?

Amandine (AH): We launched Ana Heart in March 2016 with the fashionable and feminine brand Ba&sh.

YC: what was your last job before creating Ana Heart?

AH: I was an interior decorator for 12 years in Paris, then Miami, then London. I needed a change and I had always wanted to have a project that combined my two passions, yoga and fashion.

YC: Do you have a regular yoga practice?

AH: I practice yoga and pilates  as well as swimming and muscular training. I adapt to where I am and the season. At the moment it is swimming. I don’t like boxing or bootcamps, I prefer more gentle activities.

YC:  Why the name Ana heart ?

AH: My partner Rachel, a yoga teacher in Miami, has been called Ana Heart for years it is a play on words. The 4th chakra is Anahata, the heart chakra, which she transformed into Ana Heart. When we were thinking of names it was obvious that we would use Ana Heart which evokes yoga and a real person.

YC:  Where are you from? How has living outside of France shaped you and your brand?

AH:  I was born and raised in Paris which gave me the notions of fashion which I still adhere to. Very simple, jeans, a t-shirt with a sober palette, but always good quality. I lived in Miami for 2 years and I continue to go 3 months a year. I love the energy of this city. I feel good as soon as I arrive. I have my routine; I practice yoga with Rachel and we discuss our brand. We drink juice with fresh lugo. I bike everywhere and I do alot a lot of sports. Miami has a great cultural mix of Americans and and latin Americans which give it a special flavor. Living there gave me a different perpective from my Paris life. London is a special city to me, I never want to leave. It is where I have raised my children and spent the best years of my life. I have become a Londoner.

YC: What do you hope to achieve with your brand?

AH: "99% of the luxe market of yogawear ;)"

YC: Does Ana Heart support any charities?

AH: No not yet, but I hope to with you and Yoga Concept. I would like to find a cause that we are both passionate about supporting !

YC: What does yoga mean to you?

AH: When I practice yoga, it really provides me with everything I need. It is the only activity/discipline that balances both body and mind. My body misses yoga when I stop practicing.

Le yoga c'est ma came!



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