Luxury Eye Pillow (Fauyard black white)
Black Tibetan Bowl (10 cm)

Green Tibetan Bowl (13,5 cm)

Tierra Zen

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This bowl is hand-made with a seven metal alloy. Each metal symbolizes a specific planet: gold (Sun), silver (Moon), mercury (Mercury), iron (Mars), lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter) and copper (Venus). You can make it chant by sliding the mallet on the upper edge, varying the pressure and speed of the movement. Thanks to its thick wall, it produces a long-lasting vibration. Tibetan bowls have been known since at least 4000 years. They have been used for astrological and therapeutic purposes and also during secret rituals. It is said that their vibration eliminates tensions in the body and cleans up the atmosphere of negative energies to create a moment of peace. Every Tibetan bowl has a specific sound and each person has a special way of playing depending on their character and mood. When playing different bowls at the same time, the resulting vibration multiplies the effect of their individual sounds. Made in Nepal

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